Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mama comes to town

Jeanne, my new mom, and Neelie's always mom came to town to surprise Neelie for her Wheaton Shower.  This is Neelie's response - and the whole revealing - very girly... 
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PS - if the link doesn't work, go on my facebook & look under videos of Stephen - it'll be THERE!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

JMG, Me & Amber

This is from one of Our World Mandate:Wheaton Worship Sessions (Sat. Night!).  The three of us were leaders for the weekend's worship.  Leaders like these are hard to find...ones of whom the world's not worthy.  Get ready for the LIVE album coming out on itunes in February!

Here, There & Everywhere

World Mandate: Wheaton '08  
Mission:  Here, There & Everywhere (Mission 360)
This is my World Mandate band - the greatest servants alive!  They gave their lives away for a month and the Worship Sessions were, as a result, RICH, DEEP & FULL OF POWER.  I love this group.  Left to Right: Chris Staley, Ozzie Johnson, Ben Torell, Steph Solari, Jonathan Portwood, Amber McGregor, James Mark Gulley, Stephen Gulley, Noelle Brison, AK Ford, Jerry Evans, Guy Haines

Bellies & Baby Showers

Well...We have grown in the belly... Haha!  "We" in the most figurative of ways...Stephen is not growing in his belly - praise GOD!  Actually Stephen has started running in the mornings 5 days a week, which limits his belly growth....BUT BACK to the point. 

Neelie's belly is getting bigger (the only thing getting bigger, as the rest of her is still tiny as usual) and Gabriella is getting closer to arriving.  We just had our Wheaton Baby Shower (again a figurative "we" as Stephen wouldn't go near a baby shower with a ten-foot pole) :)
Check out this picture and pray for our showers to go well- that we'd be blessed with all the things we need from our Baby Registry.
Much love, 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sound Bites 08

November 4, 2008
Dear friends and family,
It has been awhile since we have given a shout out to everyone so we wanted to give you some quick sound bites to give you a window into our world! Come give a listen...  Check out our pics, too.

1. GULLEY BAND GROWS: Most of you know, but just in case we missed a few of you, we are having a baby! and it is a GIRL! We are 28 weeks along and hope she will arrive right around her due date of January 22, 2009. We've named her Gabriella Apple Gulley - which Gabriella means “God is her strength” and Apple signifies she is the apple of God's eye so she will know God's pleasure of her. So, for us her name is “Power & Pleasure.” Nicknames are a big thing for us so she'll either be a “Brie” or a “GiGi”. She is moving around all the time and we are so excited to meet her face to face!! (Pics are coming!!!!!) Please pray for her and for a healthy, quick and painless birth. 
2. WORLD MANDATE: WHEATON - ACC:Wheaton's second annual mission conference is happening THIS WEEKEND!! We would SOOO appreciate your prayers for this conference: that each person would encounter God's presence and be changed, that God would speak to people's hearts about HIS plans for their lives, and that everything would run smoothly.

Stephen is in major "Mandate" mode, conducting band practice everyday this week to get ready to record another CD during the conference. Please pray for unity amongst the band, physical health for voices and bodies of the band, God's presence to be strong and for NO technical problems! We will let you know when the new CD will come out - we're thinking January 15, 2009. Oh and if anyone is local and is interested in coming, you can still register on-line at www.antioch-wheaton.org!

3. ANTIOCH TRAINING SCHOOL: WHEATON (ATS:Wheaton) - ATS started again this past September the difference this year is that Stephen is no longer a student but Assistant Director along with Neelie AND the school meets in the basement of their new home. It is such a blessing to use their home for ministry! There are 10 students. This semester focuses on the character of God. Please pray for them to come face to face with God and be forever changed!

An aside: Stephen has just recently begun teaching. He has taught in ATS on the sermon on the mount - Matthew 6 and he preached on Sunday, October 12th in church on the Father Heart of God. If you are interested in hearing the Sunday sermon you can download it from www.antioch-wheaton.org!

4. SALVATIONS – As a church staff, we believe God is wanting to increase his presence and power in 3 areas of our church this year: WORSHIP, EVANGELISM and SUPERNATURAL (i.e. healings, miracles). AND…it is happening!! Overall ACC:Wheaton has seen 40 salvations recently including a College of DuPage student that Stephen led to Jesus last Friday and a worker at Babies R Us that Neelie led to Jesus a couple of weeks ago. Please pray that as we sow seeds of the gospel it would fall on GOOD soil. If you will pray this prayer with us: “Lord let those that are saved become faithful laborers who are filled with the Spirit.”

Stephen and Neelie are signing off but not without a majorly warm THANK YOU for your prayers, love and support! Without YOU, the Gulley Band, we could not do what God has called us to do. Another update will go out after World Mandate with pics this time! 

Please keep praying – we’re encountering a lot of warfare this semester, with the influx of salvations/ healings. Seems the enemy doesn’t like that stuff. So, if you would, pray something like this, “Lord, place your protection around the Gulleys and their church. Send more laborers into the harvest, and give them more grace.”

Much love,

Stephen, Neelie and Gabriella